The Lego Movie

Took April to see the Lego movie today. Got to sit in some neat bean bag type seats, pretty cool and comfy!

It was well made and had a story line the kids could follow which was just as well because there was so much going on in the way of graphics would sometimes make my head spin. I suppose for kids though they’d be getting used to it with all the fast action packed video games out there today. Definitely made me think about playing with the Lego a bit when I got home, lol. Will Ferrell was of course good as the villain. Overall I think it was worth seeing. Good on the big screen, but I think personally I would have waited to see at home, but it’s nice for the kids anyway.

Well this was my second entry. Not bad.




(almost) One hour cinnamon rolls

I can’t wait to try this recipe. Something the whole family would love. mmm

From a Montana Front Porch

The breakfast of dreams. The snack of choice. The food you bake in secret so you don’t have to share. The second helping ( or third) that you hide in the laundry room to eat so the kids don’t see you. That was just an example that I made up, no I have never done it. Pinky swear.

I have fiddled with my recipe enough that I am finally ready to share it with you and I couldn’t be more excited!

I am going to start though by telling you that no, there are no typos in the ingredient list. Yes that is a lot of yeast. It’s how they are able to be finished in just over an hour from start to finish. Yes that would use quite a few of those little yeast packs they sell in the store and they aren’t exactly cheap. I want you to get…

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Landing in the world of Blog ;)

Ok, well I may have just gone mad, I mean, as if I hadn’t had enough to do in my life already and I’m jumping into the world of blogging!

Maybe it could help me bring some order to my life at the same time as giving me an interest and an outlet for all my inner thoughts. We’ll soon see how I keep it up shall we, lol.

My kids are on school holidays at the moment here in Perth, Australia. They go by so quickly though. I love the kids being home, well the sleep-ins are good and we get to spend some quality time together opposed to my unfortunately normal, (‘in a minute’) repeated to endless requests from my 8 year old every other time of the year.

Working from home is positively fortunate but it does have a few drawbacks. If time management isn’t your strong suit (as is mine) that’s the first contender in that drawback world I was talking about. Next is the non-social aspect of it all. If looking forward to your weekly food shopping trip excites you, well there must be something wrong, hehe.

All else aside I think this could be fun. I hope I amuse at least somebody in the world out there.

Have a fabbness kind of life. Vanessa


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